Your companion for
home blood
pressure monitoring

Data security

Confidentiality and availability: your data is encrypted and benefits from the latest hosting solutions.

Expert team

A multidisciplinary team composed of hypertension specialists and computer engineers.

Medical accreditation

Hy-Result® is the first scientifically
validated blood pressure self-
measurement algorithm at the international level.

How it works

The Hy-Result® algorithm crosses your blood pressure measurements with your profile data to deliver a reliable and scientifically valid medical report. In addition to being a tracking tool, the Hy-Result® algorithm automatically generates an interpretation of the self-measurement results of blood pressure.Measure your blood pressure with the right protocol and at the right time before taking your medication. With a conventional or a connected blood pressure monitor, Hy-Result® guides you.

Personalized report

With Hy-Result®, you get a personalised report on your blood pressure and advice to self managed your health. Visualise your systolic and diastolic readings and follow their evolutions. If your blood pressure is controlled, your measurements will be ranked "green". Check the effectiveness of your hypertension treatment. In case of insufficient control, Hy-Result® helps you to prepare the consultation with your doctor.

Hy-Result is approved by the French Hypertension Society (SFHTA)

Société Française d'Hypertension Artérielle

Hy-Result® is a free application that helps you measure your blood pressure. When used with a blood pressure monitor, Hy-Result®assists you in understanding your results through personalized advice.