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Research program

Making the use of blood pressure monitors more precise, Hy-Result®, is prescribed by doctors, advised by pharmacists and is the result of scientific research. Doctors, students, pharmacists, nurses, participate in our work.

The use of self-measurement to improve cardiovascular prevention and self-care of blood pressure has been the subject of research for several decades. The combination of NICT (new information and communication technologies) and self-measurement dates back to the nineties and the creation of the Hy-Result® software stems from this work. Hy-Result® was validated in 2015. Research continues with feasibility and acceptability studies under the aegis of an international scientific committee.

  • Feasibility in expert hypertension centers (France, Belgium, Canada)
  • Focus group study (doctoral thesis in general medicine, University of Rennes)
  • Study in occupational medicine
  • Study with health-insurance provider
  • Study for deaf users
  • Presentation of Hy-Result® and hypertension with the use of IoT to the general medicine congress. (Paris, March 2015)

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    You are a hospital service specializing in hypertension, an insurance company or a company proposing occupational physician services? Contact us to study the possibility of monitoring hypertension on a daily basis or launch a screening campaign with your employees, patients and customers. Whether through our tool or via a specific integration on your e-health platform, we are at your disposal to support you in your projects related to hypertension monitoring.

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    You are a blood pressure monitor manufacturer or you are developing e-health platform? The Hy-Result® algorithm is available via an API system. It is therefore possible to be able to integrate the algorithm into your platform to offer an additional service with high added value to your customers.

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    International validation

    The Hy-Result algorithm has been scientifically validated. For this, the self-measurement reports generated automatically by the algorithm were compared blindly to the clinical opinion of doctors specializing in high blood pressure.

    The study involved 195 patients seen in a university hospital (Hôpital européen Georges Pompidou - Paris) by 9 expert doctors. The agreement proved to be excellent (95%), allowing us to conclude that Hy-Result® is suitable for current medical practice.

    This research, conducted in 2014-2015, was the subject of a publication in 2016 in the Blood Pressure Monitoring Journal, an international scientific journal specializing in hypertension.

    References : Postel-Vinay N, Bobrie G, Ruelland A, Oufkir M, Savard S, Persu A, Katsahian S, Plouin PF .Automated interpretation of home blood pressure assessment (Hy-Result® software) versus physician's assessment: a validation study. Blood Press Monit. 2016 Apr;21(2):111-7.

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    A study published in 2020 investigated the patients’ experience with the Hy-Result system. Over 90% of survey respondents (n = 512) and all focus group participants found Hy-Result easy to use and useful. Users found that Hy-Result triggers appropriate reactions to BP readings, including adequately timed general practitioner visits.

    Hy-Result did not cause anxiety or excessive BP measurements. Three-quarters of survey respondents agreed that Hy-Result may help when talking with their doctor about their BP values.

    References : Postel-Vinay N, Steichen O, Pébelier E, Persu A, Berra E, Bobrie G, Savard S, Nogueria J, Azizi M. Home blood pressure monitoring and e-Health: investigation of patients' experience with the Hy-Result system. Blood Press Monit. 2020 Feb 27.

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    Scientific publications

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