Monitor and care
high blood pressure

Hypertension affects more than one out of three adults
and 12.5 million people in France take hypertension medication.
Treating hypertension means reducing your risk of having an
cerebrovascular accident, myocardial infarction or kidney failure.

To know better in
a few words hypertension
and self-measurement

Hy-Result® provides you documents to better monitor and treat arterial hypertension.
You can download them for free by clicking on them.

Seven things that depend on you
to fight high blood pressure

Having hypertension increased the risk of
strokes, but luckily treatments
are effective in reducing it.

However, taking medication to lower the blood
pressure is not enough. We must also act on the
other factors that can have a negative effect on health:
overweight or cholesterol, smoking, diabetes,
sedentary lifestyle are all enemies to fight.

Alcohol: max two drinks per day
Beware of fat if you have too much cholesterol
Stop smoking
Eat less salt
Maintain a healthy weight and fight obesity
Stress management
Get regular physical activity: get active!

Frequently Asked Questions

No it’s not necessary. We do not advise measuring your blood pressure every day for weeks or months. To know exactly your blood pressure level, a check for 5 to 7 consecutive days is recommended.

If you are in the green zone, your next self-measurement can be done a few weeks or months later. Depending on your case, Hy-Result reports may suggest a specific timeframe for the next check.
In practice your sphygmomanometer can remain stored most of the time.

Yes it’s normal. Individuals who self-measure their blood pressure for the first time are often surprised at how much their readings vary. This is called blood pressure variability. It is to account for this phenomenon that it is recommended to multiply the number of measurements. We recommend performing 3 consecutive measurements in the morning and 3 consecutive measurements in the evening for 5 to 7 consecutive days.

Hy-Result® helps you to stay “in the green zone”, that is to say optimal blood pressure. When blood pressure is too high permanently (this is hypertension), it increases the risk of having a serious health event such as stroke (sometimes fatal), myocardial infarction also fatal), renal insufficiency..

When treatment lowers blood pressure (which allows you to “stay in the green”), it preserves your health by decreasing the risk of cardiovascular events. The effectiveness of the treatment against hypertension is perfectly demonstrated, it saves lives and limits the burden of the disease.

No. Inform your doctor that you are using Hy-Result. If he does not know our system, suggest to him to visit the professional section of our website. He will form his own opinion about our scientific works.

Hy-Result is developed by hypertension specialists under the supervision of an international scientific committee. Before his launch, the algorithm was tested with 195 patients in a university hospital. The validation study was published in a North American medical journal. It is a very good level of reliability. Hy-result is suitable for most people, but there may be exceptions. Only your doctor can judge whether Hy-Result is suitable for you or not. For example, in people with cardiac arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation), sphygmonameters can give inaccurate measurements.

Hy-Result® helps you to take your medications taking into account their advantages and disadvantages. Hy-Result’s reports suggest when your doctor can adjust doses of inadequate treatments.

Use a quality blood pressure monitor, preferably placed around the arm (blood pressure cuff) and not on the wrist. Reliable blood pressure monitors can be found for less than 40 euros (50 USD). Blood pressure monitors connected to smartphones are good for not having to copy your blood pressure figures, but many connected blood pressure monitors use unsuitable algorithms and are a source of errors in the interpretation of results.

Monitoring blood pressure during pregnancy is essential. Self-measurement can contribute to this, but on condition that you remain in close contact with the doctor or midwife (Hy-Result is used to calculate your average blood pressure and make a report to send to the doctor or midwife). However, the current version of the algorithm is not suitable enough and we are conducting research to make it evolve. If you would like to participate in this research, contact us.

Answers written by Doctors Nicolas Postel-Vinay and Guillaume Bobrie. These questions were asked on the websites and Updated on January 2020.